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Her Fallen Protector an Afterlife Novel

When a trio of demons kidnap Vdarra Jansen, normal life is ripped away. They keep calling her the “lost heiress’ of the Underworld and don't seem to care she only remembers the last ten years of her life. Former archangel Jacob races against the demons to help her, and prevent the Heiress from rising. They are in a race to find the one thing that will decide Vdarra’s, and the world’s, fate – the lost Seal of Solomon. It will mean choosing between innocent lives ...and their hearts.

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  • Desolation, romantic suspense
    Caught in an accelerating tempest of lies and espionage, Dawson and Levitt battle to save the country they believe in and find themselves not only fighting for their lives but for their hearts.
  • Whiskey Sour, romantic suspense
    When the MC’s president puts Dr. Nadia Rodriguez in charge of caring for Brian Cross, she’s forced deeper into the club’s hold and closer to the one man she fights breaking her professional oath for. Only, she fears neither will ever let her go.
  • Gods and Monsters, paranormal romance
    On the run from the most powerful evil in the world, Nika and Samael fight against time to track down the demon who killed her sister, but will Samael risk everything to save the one woman capable of destroying him?


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